Just Thinking

A long, long time ago–even before Star Wars, schools taught everyone the three r’s.  It was another world and the three r’s were first and foremost.  Kids entering school were on their own own–no personal computer since they were yet to be invented, no adding machine just mental arithmetic or pencil and paper–pretty radical!

Me, I learned to print first then I learned to write.  Palmer penmanship had me making circles, zigging and zagging. The Pledge of Allegiance,  arithmetic tables, basic primer words even spelling rote filled my days.  Meanwhile my nights were filled with personal reading.

Somewhere in the generations that followed censorship arrived as classics like Tarzan and Catcher in the Rye were removed from school libraries.  Why?  Tarzan didn’t wear much clothes; Holden Caufield was disturbed.  Now script has been removed in schools.

Hmm, I wonder how people will be able to sign checks….


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