No Excuses Please

Life–it’s all about choices.

In several weeks Americans will be called on to choose their president.  Will it be Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?   Voters have concerns about both candidates.  Many question Hil’s veracity while many question the Don’s impetuosity.  With issues like the economy, immigration, terrorism, vet programs looming, current polls call the race a close one.  This election allows no indecision (meaning no decision).   Whether or not your candidate wins or loses, get out to the ballot box.   Not doing so only sends a “I don’t care,”message.

With all that is going around us-bombs in Seaside Park, bombs in the Big Apple, bombs in Elizabeth all in one weekend–we need the best leadership we can get.  Weigh all the pros and cons for each candidate then decide.  Recently I had the privilege of hearing both candidates up front close and personal.   Me, I don’t go for empty promises.  Me, I don’t go for someone riding on someone else’s coattails.  Rather I like honesty and full disclosure, no sugar-coating necessary.  I can’t tell you how to vote.  Just weigh everything then let your conscience and common sense be your guide especially when the kettle is calling the pot black.


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