Grandchildren Really Are Grand

I once overheard someone laughingly state, “The best thing about having grandchildren is that you can always send them home.” How true it is but not so with adult sons and daughters!

As a parent I had to be responsible for my children 24/7.  Of course, I enjoyed compliments when they were doing the right thing.  There was nothing I had to do.  But there was another side of the coin when they  did something wrong and I doled out their penance–confessing their wrong, being truly sorry, not repeating their offence, and accepting the consequences.

Irony abounds.  Kettles call pots black.  Those declaring themselves legal adults because they became the legal age insist on pointing their fingers at their siblings.  “Ma, you have to take care of this,” as I think to myself  mortified, “What tattle tails!  You are adults I know because you told me so so many times.  i think you should leave me out of this and take care of it yourself.”

People who live in glass houses should never throw stones.   Let them take inventory of their own lives and loves.  Facing facts they are not little kids that I can send home.


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