Whether Weather Closes OCVTS

No power, utility lines down, roads flooded, bridges washed out, trees down–this was the aftermath of 2012’s Halloween Frankenstorm Sandy.  It was devastating.   Government offices, schools, and business shut down for days into weeks.  Four years later much of the shore still has not been rebuilt.  Recovery has come slowly.

Four years later Matthew approaches bringing havoc in its path.  Predicted to ride the east coast from the Caribbean  into the Atlantic, it is sure to hit land.  Coastal regions from Florida to the Carolinas have been issued warnings.   Will Matthew turn out to sea or will Matthew continue to hug the coast developing strength then hit New Jersey with a one-two punch once again?

I know first hand one of the regional Homeland Security top execs was ordered to be ready to go today.  I also know my hubby has been called in to get emergency trucks ready to go south  bright and early tomorrow.  Words to the wise:  Be resourceful and be  prepared for anything especially communications vacuums. Avoid being out and about when the storm hits and afterwards as well.  . Be sure to check  Ocean County Vocational Tech School  for delays and cancellations.


Recovery takes time.  A firepit, grill, candles and matches , bottled water, ready-to-eat foods, and lots of blankets may just be what you need to get you through the long night.





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