All Hallows Eve

scary pumpkin

What is the greatest Halloween prank in history?  I have always considered it to be the Mercury Radio Theater on the Air’s Broadcast of War of the Worlds.  Its  audience thought the show interrupted for an emergency broadcast was real.  How could they then know Grovers Mills, New Jersey and Martian landings were completely fiction?    Panic followed.   In 1939 the perpetrators’ mischief night broke no laws so they were not held responsible for their trick or treat.

The FCC put new laws on the books to avoid similar situations–the reason for the warning  words that often appear on radio and TV.


Whether Weather Closes OCVTS

No power, utility lines down, roads flooded, bridges washed out, trees down–this was the aftermath of 2012’s Halloween Frankenstorm Sandy.  It was devastating.   Government offices, schools, and business shut down for days into weeks.  Four years later much of the shore still has not been rebuilt.  Recovery has come slowly.

Four years later Matthew approaches bringing havoc in its path.  Predicted to ride the east coast from the Caribbean  into the Atlantic, it is sure to hit land.  Coastal regions from Florida to the Carolinas have been issued warnings.   Will Matthew turn out to sea or will Matthew continue to hug the coast developing strength then hit New Jersey with a one-two punch once again?

I know first hand one of the regional Homeland Security top execs was ordered to be ready to go today.  I also know my hubby has been called in to get emergency trucks ready to go south  bright and early tomorrow.  Words to the wise:  Be resourceful and be  prepared for anything especially communications vacuums. Avoid being out and about when the storm hits and afterwards as well.  . Be sure to check  Ocean County Vocational Tech School  for delays and cancellations.


Recovery takes time.  A firepit, grill, candles and matches , bottled water, ready-to-eat foods, and lots of blankets may just be what you need to get you through the long night.




Grandchildren Really Are Grand

I once overheard someone laughingly state, “The best thing about having grandchildren is that you can always send them home.” How true it is but not so with adult sons and daughters!

As a parent I had to be responsible for my children 24/7.  Of course, I enjoyed compliments when they were doing the right thing.  There was nothing I had to do.  But there was another side of the coin when they  did something wrong and I doled out their penance–confessing their wrong, being truly sorry, not repeating their offence, and accepting the consequences.

Irony abounds.  Kettles call pots black.  Those declaring themselves legal adults because they became the legal age insist on pointing their fingers at their siblings.  “Ma, you have to take care of this,” as I think to myself  mortified, “What tattle tails!  You are adults I know because you told me so so many times.  i think you should leave me out of this and take care of it yourself.”

People who live in glass houses should never throw stones.   Let them take inventory of their own lives and loves.  Facing facts they are not little kids that I can send home.

Just Thinking

A long, long time ago–even before Star Wars, schools taught everyone the three r’s.  It was another world and the three r’s were first and foremost.  Kids entering school were on their own own–no personal computer since they were yet to be invented, no adding machine just mental arithmetic or pencil and paper–pretty radical!

Me, I learned to print first then I learned to write.  Palmer penmanship had me making circles, zigging and zagging. The Pledge of Allegiance,  arithmetic tables, basic primer words even spelling rote filled my days.  Meanwhile my nights were filled with personal reading.

Somewhere in the generations that followed censorship arrived as classics like Tarzan and Catcher in the Rye were removed from school libraries.  Why?  Tarzan didn’t wear much clothes; Holden Caufield was disturbed.  Now script has been removed in schools.

Hmm, I wonder how people will be able to sign checks….

No Excuses Please

Life–it’s all about choices.

In several weeks Americans will be called on to choose their president.  Will it be Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?   Voters have concerns about both candidates.  Many question Hil’s veracity while many question the Don’s impetuosity.  With issues like the economy, immigration, terrorism, vet programs looming, current polls call the race a close one.  This election allows no indecision (meaning no decision).   Whether or not your candidate wins or loses, get out to the ballot box.   Not doing so only sends a “I don’t care,”message.

With all that is going around us-bombs in Seaside Park, bombs in the Big Apple, bombs in Elizabeth all in one weekend–we need the best leadership we can get.  Weigh all the pros and cons for each candidate then decide.  Recently I had the privilege of hearing both candidates up front close and personal.   Me, I don’t go for empty promises.  Me, I don’t go for someone riding on someone else’s coattails.  Rather I like honesty and full disclosure, no sugar-coating necessary.  I can’t tell you how to vote.  Just weigh everything then let your conscience and common sense be your guide especially when the kettle is calling the pot black.

Time Passages

Most places and things change with time.  That’s the way of the world.  However, most people do not unless something significant intervenes.

Me, I was a war baby.  Living here near the Jersey shore, there were blackouts hence black shades and automobile headlights painted black made Americans safer.  After all, they knew that German vessels were close by hidden off shore.  New cars were verbotten because U. S.  auto manufacturers retooled automobile plants production to the war effort.  Rationing  was reality in this land of plenty–gasoline, leather goods, foods, meats.

Why?  Uncle Sam needed healthy young man to fight the fight.

In the 40’s had you asked any man, he would have told you that,  in all certainty, every woman’s place was in the home.  Well, “we” meaning women have come a long way, baby luckily.   Now in this 21st Century, we have equal rights, right….  I leave my readers to draw their own conclusions.